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Going Green means Energy Efficient :

HYTEK Service technicians can often bring your existing equipment up to a more energy efficient level with LED lighting, upgraded seals, thermal doors, energy conserving refrigeration systems and preventative maintenance.  Why replace equipment when you may be able to upgrade it in place and save money now and in the future?
When you invest in refurbished or used equipment, a step is made in keeping our landfills free of yet more waste. The ROI on used or refurbished equipment is easy to calculate with a lower initial purchase price.  You can opt to take it even one step farther with available upgrades and energy commissioning services.
EPA Green Chill program
More information about the EPA's GreenChill Partnership is available at www2.epa.gov/greenchill

We are the Solution : For Energy Conservation + Savings

Our team takes great pride in helping our customers reduce energy costs and to offer a variety of products and services which can have a significant impact in helping to reduce emissions. We also look for parts, supplies and materials that offer green benefits. A simple example is when we use less energy or refrigerant, we also reduce cost. Consider that highly efficient LED lighting in the dairy and frozen food cases can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% to 65%. Or a glycol secondary refrigeration system to minimize refrigerant change, will achieve Greenchill Gold certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Let us provide your company with timely information and product support that can have a significant impact in reducing emissions while helping to improve your bottom line.

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Refrigeration retrofit services, cooler upgrades, LED lighting upgrades and energy-saving improvments; we can make it happen!